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About Us

After years of combined experience in the equipment maintenance industry, American Filter & Equipment Corporation was conceived, by its principles, to target the need for the availability and variety of quality products designed for the maintenance of automotive, heavy equipment, and mining equipment.

Whether setting up a Quick Lube, building a Lube Truck, constructing a service facility or just maintaining a fleet of vehicles, American Filter & Equipment has the solution for your needs.

Quick Lubes

Work platforms, rolling drain pans, dispense consoles, pit covers, tool boards, filter crushers, computer stands, fluid exchange machines and more.

Service Facility

Compressors, hose reels, oil pumps, tanks, Jacks and other lifting equipment, waste oil pumps, grease pumps, dispense valves, grease couplers, absorbent materials and portable waste oil receivers.

Lube Trucks

Hydraulic oil pumps, air powered oil pumps, diaphragm pumps, hose reels, strobe lights, placards, reversing valves for waste oil, fuel nozzles, swivels, break-aways, quick fill fuel nozzles, wiggins style fittings, vent caps, and storage boxes.

Fleet Maintenance

Auto-lube systems, hydraulic filter housings, air cleaner housings, connection hoses, bonnets, pre-cleaners, air intake tubing, exhaust flex and hard tube, mufflers, exhaust clamps, bag filter housings, filtration carts, oil sample kits, tools and quality filters.

In addition, American Filter & Equipment maintains a full service and repair department to install and repair the equipment it sells. American Filter & Equipment is a factory distributor and authorized warranty repair facility for most major brands.