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Q: How often should I service the air filter in my Caterpillar 950 loader?
A: Air filters should be changed using the service indicator located on or near the air cleaner housing. Over servicing the air filter unnecessarily can do more harm than good. Breaking the seal of the air filter often allows dust to enter the "clean" side of the system and can cause damage to your engine. Remember, an air filter actually cleans better when it has a coating of dust on the outside so visual inspection of an air filter can be deceiving.
Q: Do I have to use O.E.M. filters in my new equipment in order to keep my warranty from being voided?
A: The simple answer is NO! By federal law (the Magnuson-Moss Act) a manufacturer cannot require you to use their filters in order to keep your warranty intact. Should they do so, they must provide those filters free of charge.
Q: My air-powered oil pump has an airline lubricator. What type of oil should I use in it?
A: The best oil for these pumps is standard hydraulic oil as it does not contain additives that are incompatible with the "O"-rings in the pump. Do NOT use Marvel Mystery oil, Transmission fluid or air-tool oil as these will cause problems.
Q: My air compressor seems to accumulate a significant amount of water in the volume tank. How often should this be drained?
A: Air volume tanks should be drained every day, usually at the end of the day, to prevent excess water from entering the air system. This can be done manually or automatic drains may be used. Also, check and drain any water separators that may be built into the system. Remember that an air system should be emptied and not left standing pressurized when you go home.
Q: Is there equipment that can keep track of all the fluids I use in my shop?
A: Yes, there are several types made from simple controls to software driven fluid management systems. Budget will often dictate which type of equipment is best suited to your operation but everything is available including: Tank monitoring, fluid tracking, custom reports etc.